VMware GemFire 10.0 - Beta is now open!

December 2016 harked the 9.X evolution in GemFire. Now VMware is proud to announce the release of the Beta edition of its next major version – VMware GemFire 10.0.

With GemFire 10.0, now you get:

  • Improved JSON document support for schema less applications
  • Optimized cross-data center replication to send only what has changed
  • Improved heap LRU eviction for G1 and Z garbage collectors
  • TLS security improvements
  • New modular classloader to aid in deploying plugins and extensions to GemFire
  • Support for Jakarta EE 9 and Tomcat 10

So in this talk you get a walkthrough of GemFire 10.0, its key features and how to take advantage of them. If you are new to GemFire as a product, you also get a run through of the product basics in brief. All these and more from industry and GemFire veteran, Charlie Black.